You don’t really know what your insurance policy will do for you until you suffer loss or damage. When this happens, you need your insurance broker to help you because the broker is in constant touch with your insurance company and the broker is conversant with claim settlement process and will guide you to lodge a successful claim against your insurer.

And this is what CLAIM Limited as insurance brokers are there for.

A client’s interest is our main priority

We believe it is essential to show our promise in action when a client is in distress. At Claim Limited, we are committed to providing you with outstanding claim support services. We anticipate that you have a safe accident free year. However if you should have a loss involving your vehicle or your home or any other property, we are here for you and are committed to handling your claim quickly and efficiently by assisting you with all the needed professional advice. In keeping with that commitment, we offer you the chance to report your claims directly to us for our necessary action.

We have skilled claim representatives to take your reports 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our clients are required to report their claims directly to Claim Limited on our hotline numbers (233) 302 778829 / 24 4321 663 / 20 2012922. Claim Limited will then communicate with your insurer to ensure that the claim is settled accurately and promptly.

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